Journal Entry from December 22, 2015

Awesome day.

Today we delivered and set-up 2 beautiful queen size beds, two sets of mattresses, a dresser, a nightstand, bedding, curtains, decor, a stove, a microwave, a sofa, dining chairs, and a rug to our One Special Family.

Our family is so very excited and grateful, but what they dont know is that this was just the beginning… Shhhhhhhhhh!!

On Christmas morning they will open:

-A promise to pay rent for 6 months so mom can take GED classes instead of having to work 2 jobs.

-A promise to pay off mom’s car

-A promise to pay $30 a week in gas for a year

-A stethoscope and a promise to pay for CNA 2 classes after the completion of GED

-Dance classes for daughter (which were donated by DancinKids in Cornelius), Dance wear, and a promise to pay for a recital costume.

-a 49″ flat screen t.v.

-a vacuum cleaner

-a cell phone for mom

-a cell phone and prepaid plan for 1 year for daughter.

-Rue 21 and Forever 21 gift cards for daughter

-Lane Bryant gift card for mom

-Nike shoes for mom

-Boots for daughter

-Bedroom slippers for mom and daughter

-Bibles for mom and daughter

-Stockings full of candy

-and I feel like there may be more, but im writing this from memory…

Can you imagine what their Christmas morning will be like?!?!?!

Im so excited to play a part in helping to change this family’s life, and Im so thankful for the countless people who have helped make this happen!! It is pure joy to watch GOD orchestrate all the small details of this!! Yippeeee! Christmas JOY!

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