Introducing our 2015 One Special Family

One Special Family:

A year ago, on Thanksgiving Day 2014, Jackie’s world was rocked when her husband of 16 years died after a decade-long illness. On that day she became a widow, she also became an unemployed, single mother with no financial savings and a mound of debt. Her thirteen year old daughter, a “daddy’s girl,” has experienced  much more heartache than any girl her age should have to endure. It has been a tough year.

What if we could help provide some of their greatest needs and create an amazing, unforgettable Christmas for Jackie and her daughter? What if we could help make the world feel like a softer, kinder place to be for this 13 year old girl who is at such a vulnerable, impressionable age?


Their Needs:

Jackie works hard juggling two jobs, but it just hasn’t been enough to get caught up with her bills, move out of the house where her husband passed away, to have time to spend with her daughter who needs her desperately, or to work towards her educational goals. We would love to give her a great big hand-up and help her be able to do these things that will help create a better future for their family.


Our Goal:

It is our goal at One Special Christmas to share Christ’s love in a big, tangible way, and we need our community to pitch in. No donation is too small! Proceeds raised  will go toward providing one potentially life-changing, unforgettable Christmas for  Jackie and her daughter, who have had a very rough year. (…and no worries!! We can’t raise too much! If we meet our goals for Jackie’s family, we’ll just choose another deserving family from our nominations and do what we can for them as well!)

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