Dear Friends:

We are so excited to announce big news about One Special Christmas for this year!

For over 25 years our heart has always been about the children that we serve. We have wanted to share Christ’s love in a BIG, tangible way. Our hope has been that by doing so each child would begin to understand that there is good in the world, that they are cared for, and the love of Jesus would become real to them. This will always be our goal, and in an effort to make a greater, more memorable impact on those we serve we have decided to try something new this year.

This year with the support of our community we will choose ONE FAMILY and do something completely life changing for them. Our plan is to have local organizations nominate families who need a hand-up, and One Special Christmas will choose the one that we feel we can help the most. We believe there are families who have hardships that are difficult to overcome by themselves despite their best efforts. What if we could give them ONE TRULY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS by helping them meet some of their greatest needs as well as providing for their Christmas wishes? Think of it like- EXTREME GIVING: Christmas Edition. We are very excited about this potentially life-changing impact that we could have on a family . …. AND even better… if the amount of money raised exceeds what our One Special Family needs to fulfill their goals, then we will help another family that was nominated as well! 

For more  information specific to our ONE SPECIAL FAMILY click the link below!

Thanking you for all YOU do,

Emily Chapman Valenti
Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer


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